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[90][140][141] In spite of Love's often polarizing reputation in the media, Hole received consistent critical praise for their output, and was often noted for the predominant feminist commentary found in Love's lyrics, which scholars have credited as "articulating a third-wave feminist consciousness". [57] According to Erlandson, Love was more focused on song-writing and singing than playing guitar on the record; Love stated that her aim for the album was to "deconstruct the California sound" in the L.A. tradition of bands like The Doors, The Beach Boys and The Byrds. [76] Melissa Auf der Maur also embarked on a solo career, and released her self-titled debut album in 2004, which included Erlandson performing lead guitar on the track, "Would If I Could. [98] She booked further performances across North America as a solo act, with Larkin, bassist Shawn Dailey, and Lipps as her backing band. For them, I'm a visual, period. (What was initially reported as an overdose was eventually termed “an adverse reaction to prescription medication.”) His worst fears put to rest, Erlandson was skimming the rest of the article when it hit him — a development that was somewhat surprising and most definitely pleasing. He usually responds to this by giving her the finger, if he responds at all. Five Hundred Rocks to Throw 3. “But within this year of playing out and being a band, that gap’s been getting shorter. They disbanded in 2002, and the members individually pursued other projects. She’s perfectly capable of encouraging photographers herself and then feeling put upon when they start taking pictures. Tight Rope Tightens 2. [15] Hole's first official rehearsal took place at Fortress Studios in Hollywood with Love, Erlandson and Lisa Roberts on bass. In some cases, it could also mean a pit or trench. [154], In 2008 a fire swept through Universal Studios Hollywood destroying buildings belonging to Universal Music Group. Band theory models the behavior of electrons in solids by postulating the existence of energy bands. "[41], In 1994, bassist Kristen Pfaff went into a drug treatment facility to treat her heroin addiction. “The Sonic Youth butt-kiss nation. Like Love, Erlandson is a Buddhist, though after she introduced him to the religion he became the more devout practitioner. "[104] On May 1, in an interview with Pitchfork, Love discussed the possibility of a reunion, and also stated it had been "a mistake" releasing Nobody's Daughter as a Hole record in 2010. However it is a very good book to the right audience. / Describes the average WORN book or dust jacket that has all the pages present. [72] The band's final release was a single for the movie Any Given Sunday (1999). For the beginner flutist or a high school student in marching band, this is a great flute for the right price. 21 on the Alternative Singles chart. Right now you’re probably thinking to yourself, “How did Jeff Buckley get into the middle of this Hole story?” Relax — there’s an answer to every question, and you can’t very well have a Hole story without the presence of at least one cute and slightly famous rocker boy. That was all he could make out. On April 2, 2014, Rolling Stone reported that the Celebrity Skin line-up of the band had reunited (with Patty Schemel in lieu of Samantha Maloney). The Band Hole. Now we’re in the middle of our interview, and time is at a premium because Love intends to catch the Broadway production of Hamlet with her prospective pal. The discography of Hole, a Los Angeles-based American alternative rock band, consists of four studio albums, one compilation album, three extended plays, and sixteen singles.. Hole was formed in 1989 by vocalist and rhythm guitarist Courtney Love and lead guitarist Eric Erlandson. "[31], Love and Erlandson began writing new material for a second Hole album in 1992, in the midst of Love's pregnancy with Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain. It's disgusting. “One: ‘Are you a drug addict?’ No, far from it. Groped, ravaged, she compared the experience to being raped, wrote a song about it, and now does it just about every show. As the day wears on she comes alive again, though during one break she manages a fully clothed half-minute doze right on the beach. Although some users have the complaint about the flute’s durability, it is still a great option for the young learner. Both Love and Erlandson were fans of the notorious LA punk band the Germs. Very good band, but they influenced Grunge, but they aren't a Grunge themselves, they are Alternative Rock. where he went for coffee in the mornings, and convinced him to give "Retard Girl" airtime on his station KROQ-FM.[17]. She doesn’t have to distinguish between the crazy things that happen to her and the crazy things she makes happen. Eric Erlandson was sitting on a beach in Mexico when the headline caught his eye. She’s astoundingly intelligent, maddeningly contradictory and a total force of nature — it’s exhausting just being in a room with her. I don’t want to be out there in the world with Billy and Trent and Eddie.”, With Lollapalooza, Hole have plenty to prove, the latest trial by fire in a year that’s been full of them. “Y’know,” Love had said to me before Buckley came to pick her up that night, “sometimes I would love to just put out my music and have people leave me alone so I could go to see Hamlet with Jeff Buckley, and you might not hear a word about it.”. ... and thermal conductors. [88] NME gave the album a 6/10 rating, and Robert Christgau rated it an "A-", saying, "Thing is, I can use some new punk rage in my life, and unless you're a fan of Goldman Sachs and BP Petroleum, so can you. Her cosmetician tells me, perhaps indiscreetly, that she prefers it that way come make-up time because a conscious Love is a manic and fidgety Love. [54][55], —Eric Erlandson on writing Celebrity Skin[56], In 1997, the band entered Conway Recording Studios in Los Angeles after attempts to write new material in Miami, New Orleans, London, and New York. “So many boys, it’s like, God.” It’s not too difficult to figure out why: While Auf der Maur is self-possessed enough to compare herself (convincingly) to Botticelli’s Birth of Venus in her self-portraits, she’s so graceful and open that there’s nothing off-putting about her. Then he caught the punk-rock bug. "We met at this coffee shop, and I saw her and I thought "Oh, God. Ten years later, Light Yagami is still the bad guy, but like all great villains, he was just good enough to leave a lasting impression. Yes, the book should not have been read to 9 year olds, due to the uproar against the book, without the parens initial agreement. ANDREW FREEDMAN, THE WASHINGTON POST . Josh Feola. I’ve always been told that I’m too sensitive or too aware of other people’s things, so I was like ‘Well, finally I’m going to be able to use that to my advantage.’ “, If you’re gonna sit here and call that a valentine, I’m gonna kick your ass!”. Has a big fat round tone that is very bold and would probably make a good band chanter as well. Proof of this is that Sachar as won 36 worldwide titles for this book; since it was published in 1998. With it, the band scored several mainstream Rock hits for the first time, including “Malibu” and “Celebrity Skin”. “Before I met them, Eric called me up, and he’s like ‘I have three questions to ask you,’ ” Auf der Maur says. After the show we’re supposed to take another crack at that four-on-one interview, but Love doesn’t feel like it. “Who the fuck am I?” he wanted to know. Hole was an American alternative rock band formed by singer and guitarist Courtney Love … Although he was wrongly convicted of his crime, he is sentenced to a year and a half at Green Lake, where the motto is: "If you take a bad boy and make him dig a hole every day in the hot sun, it will turn him into a good boy." [40] According to Rolling Stone rock journalist Gavin Edwards, Love and Cobain had written songs together in the past, but opted to not release them because it was "a bit too redolent of John and Yoko. Naturally, Love then proceeds to throw a Kathleen Battle-like fit that’s impressive in its steadfastness and serenity. If Love is, for better or worse, the aggressive female role model of the band, then Auf der Maur would be the favorite of Hole’s Y-chromosome following. Auf der Maur was quite happy back in Montreal, too, which is why when Smashing Pumpkin Billy Corgan told her she should try out for Hole, she thought he was out of his mind. Even us — we’re Sonic Youth butt-kiss nation because they produced our first record. It is a good topic for us because that is something we all do – reject information we don’t like and don’t want to hear – so it is a ‘thinking’ topic that affects us all. Except that I can’t, because none of them have materialized in the appointed place (an obscure Manhattan hotel) at the appointed time (3 p.m.). According to Erlandson, "these two girls show up dressed completely crazy, we set up and they said, "okay, just start playing something." So allow me to introduce you to the four members of the band Hole. I was like ‘No way, I’ve got my life — what, you think I wanna leave my life?’ ” Soon enough, however, she realized it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so she went to Seattle to audition. For years i loved the song Celebrity Skin, and recently i've been given the Pretty On The Inside and the Celebrity Skin album. The human spirit mixed with certain powders is not the person, it's [a] demonic presence. Apparently she’s a bit sensitive to charges that her recent VF cover story was, shall we say, clean — so clean that Love’s breasts were likened to “great cakes of soap.” I’m told that if I want to see a real valentine, I should reread this magazine’s Drew Barrymore piece. Schemel’s only mistake was missing out entirely on the local explosion. His thoughts swirled from annoyance to concern to confidence that everything was surely all right before settling on a slightly jaded “Wouldn’t it just figure if Courtney died while I was on vacation?”. "[3] In a retrospective interview, Schemel said: We had a really safe place [in Hole]. “We played this show, and my mom is up in the VIP balcony hanging over the edge, waving, like ‘Smile!’ ” Schemel says with a laugh. Shortly after, Love curtailed her statement, saying: "We may have made out but there is no talk of marriage. I should save "Hole" for the lineup everybody wants to see and had the balls to put Nobody's Daughter under my own name. Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic. I was like ‘Wow, I finally found someone who’s into doing this stuff.’ ” A pair of singles followed, one of which was on Sub Pop, and then came 1991’s Pretty on the Inside, co-produced (with Don Fleming) and heavily influenced by Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon. Love, however, was uninterested: "[They] would have me riding on elephants. Hole released two retrospective albums during this time: firstly, their second EP, titled The First Session (1997), which consisted of a complete version of the band's first recording session at Rudy's Rising Star in Los Angeles in March 1990, some of which had been bootlegged widely years prior. A simple definition. 52 — was certified platinum in April. [95] In September 2011, Scott Lipps joined the band, replacing drummer Stu Fisher. That will probably come as a relief — just hypothetically, not real life — to Pavement’s Stephen Malkmus. [1], Hole formed after Eric Erlandson responded to an advertisement placed by Courtney Love in Recycler in the summer of 1989. Both emotions are genuine to her. Meanwhile, its members, including guitarist Eric Erlandson, drummer Patty Schemel, and bassist Kristen Pfaff, all suffered terrible tragedies throughout their adult lives. The concert was a promotional event for the Molson Brewery, and also featured performances by Metallica, Veruca Salt, and Moist. Paying homage to Blondie, their page is emblazoned with the proclamation, in big rococo letters, that “Hole Is a Band.” A band that definitely intends — in between Love’s inevitable rants, stage dives and column inches — to speak very loudly for itself every night on the Lollapalooza stage. On February 17, 2010 they played a full set at the O2 Shepherd's Bush Empire, with support from Little Fish. Hole's first show took place at Raji's, a small bar in Hollywood, in September 1989. [28][29] They also toured intermittently in the United States between July and December 1991, playing primarily at hard rock and punk clubs, including CBGB and the Whisky A Go Go, where they opened for The Smashing Pumpkins. One of the most iconic alt-rock bands of the 1990s, Hole, may be getting back together for a reunion in the near future if what longtime bassist Melissa Auf der Maur has to say is true. [59] After the replacement, Schemel quit the band. "[27] The majority of Love's chaotic behavior onstage was a result of heavy drug use at the time, which she admitted: "I was completely high on dope; I cannot remember much about it. [57] Love, who felt she was in a creative slump, likened Corgan's presence in the studio to "a math teacher who wouldn't give you the answers but was making you solve the problems yourself. In 2009, the band got back together with new members but broke up in 2012. She grabbed me and started talking, and she's like "I know you're the right one", and I hadn't even opened my mouth yet. Billy Hole from Good Band Bad Band on Podchaser, aired Thursday, 19th September 2019. [84] The track also received airplay on Active rock and alternative radio. And it’s a big house. We were supposed to conduct a joint interview, something that can’t be done without Love, who spends her day shopping and napping. Like with the drowning theme, there were all these things going on while we were making this album, like, 1989 – 1991: Early work and indie success, 2009 – 2013: Reformation and name dispute, 2019 – present: Possible reformation and attempted reunions, Love, Courtney. "[113] Nonetheless, Love claimed to have aimed for a pop sound early on: "There's a part of me that wants to have a grindcore band and another that wants to have a Raspberries-type pop band,"[13] she told Flipside magazine in 1991. Whole means an entirety of something, complete with no parts missing. [129] Love had had a minor background in literature, having briefly studied English literature in her early twenties.[130]. Courtney and Eric wrote Live Through This. "[100] Love also tagged Melissa Auf der Maur as well as Hole's former manager, Peter Mensch, in the post, alluding to a reconciliation with Erlandson and possible reunion in 2014.[101][102]. Milk is a nutrient-dense source of vitamins and minerals, and it can play a role in a healthy diet. You could, and Love frequently does, announcing from the stage, “Eric was my boyfriend once. It’s nearly 10 p.m., and the band is supposed to have a quick dinner before finishing the shoot. While the Courtney Love saga continues, her group proves that a rock & roll act is the sum of its parts. Schemel’s not on a pedestal about it, but she says it feels good to be a role model in a band that connects so profoundly with its audience. He played most of the guitars on Live Through This, while Love concentrated on lyrics and vocals. “It’s important,” she says. Check out our holed band selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. Artikel-Nr. [60], Celebrity Skin was a critical success with strong sales and successful singles, including the title track, "Celebrity Skin", "Malibu", and "Awful". That makes Hole, for the moment at least, the best-selling act on the Lollapalooza main stage, and one gets the feeling Hole would be the chief attraction regardless of sales figures — as was expected, a portion of the Lolla crowd is departing before headliners Sonic Youth take the stage. [72][74] After the split, the four musicians each took on projects of their own: Erlandson continued to work as a producer and session musician, eventually forming the experimental group RRIICCEE with controversial artist Vincent Gallo. [48][49] In an August 1995 band interview with Rolling Stone, drummer Patty Schemel formally came out as a lesbian, saying: "It's important. But everything that Love does is half acting out, half conscious manipulation and half practical joke. — was just a third-year photography student playing in a Canadian indie-rock band, and tonight one of her many self-portraits is part of an exhibit here. If you're not afraid of me and you're not afraid to fucking say it, send a letter. Combine those conspiracy theories with the unfounded but persistent rumor that Cobain was actually murdered, and it is no surprise that, in the song "Celebrity Skin", Love calls herself a walking study in demonology. [67], The band continued to book shows and headline festivals after dropping off Manson's tour, and according to Auf der Maur, it was a "daily event" for Love to invite audience members onstage to sing with her for the last song at nearly every concert performance. Even this article raised her contradictory hackles — she was very concerned that, Lil Nas X Shares Unabashedly Queer Video for ‘Montero (Call Me By Your Name)’, Robert Fripp and Toyah Willcox on Their Viral Quarantine Videos: ‘We’re in This With You’, ‘Tina’: Tina Turner Keeps on Rollin’ in Bold, Unsettling Documentary, Everything You Need to Know About Georgia’s New Voting Law, Wolfgang Van Halen Debuts Two New Songs, Reflects on Eddie Van Halen Grammys Controversy, Alejandro Escovedo Assembles Austin’s Finest for Eclectic Revue, Ted Nugent Blasts Immigration Reform and Gun Control at Texas Biker Rally, The Clean Make Steamy U.S. Return at Austin’s Chaos in Tejas Festival. Mother and daughter spent their first two years together in Africa and London, living with a zoologist friend. Hole- good or bad? [70], In October 1999, Auf der Maur quit Hole and went on to become a touring bassist for The Smashing Pumpkins. Courtney Love and the band were one of the artists suing UMG for the loss; however, on August 16, 2019, the band was removed from that lawsuit as it was amended "based on UMG's representations that none of Hole's original masters were destroyed (subject to confirmation)". “The thing is, I know for a fact that we’re more of a band, and we’ve always been more of a band. "[16] Initially, the band had no percussion until Love met drummer Caroline Rue,[13] and later recruited a third guitarist, Mike Geisbrecht. One of seven children in a close-knit Catholic family, he actually hails from San Pedro, Calif., the recently reanointed punk-rock Mecca a half-hour south of L.A. Erlandson’s boyhood paper route included the home of Black Flag guitarist Greg Ginn, but Erlandson missed out on his hometown scene at the time, preoccupied as he was with good old ’70s rock. The circumstances might have been strange and unfortunate, but that headline symbolized some kind of progress. Friendships with Andrew Wood and Eddie Vedder. The back story had some death. [85], Nobody's Daughter was released on April 26, 2010 worldwide on Mercury Records, and was received moderately well by music critics. When they do turn up, one of them is missing. List Afrosynth Is Preserving South Africa’s ’80s Bubblegum Music, One Reissue at a Time. Melissa Auf der Maur is also on the wall of the Lower East Side hangout. With Love it’s a question of how much she can get away with and how much she decides to give away. A good way to determine whether or not you posted a good or bad golf score is to figure out your handicap. In a nutshell: “I was on an airplane, and this doctor gave me some pills before I left because I always take pills to fly, to sleep, and then we had a layover, and I just accidentally took too many. [135] The style was later dubbed "kinderwhore" by the media, and consisted of babydoll dresses, slips and nightgowns, and smeared makeup. What’s often forgotten is that Pretty on the Inside was pretty well-received and not a half-bad record. By far my favorite! Hole received several accolades, including four Grammy Award nominations. Melissa Auf der Maur is sitting at the bar of the alterna-hip New York watering hole Max Fish. Holes are either par threes, fours or fives and the total par of all the holes comprises the par for the entire course. The course rating on most 18-hole courses is usually right around 72, but it can vary. That’s not the way we work.”. Feature This Week’s Essential Releases: Hyperpop, Detroit Hip-Hop, Indie Rock and More. Erlandson laughs. Then the freak-show aspect subsided, and after Hole added Auf der Maur they went about the business of playing music. We're just riffing, so it'… So I just feel like [Lollapalooza] is dickless, straight out.”, Initially, Hole did not want to do Lollapalooza, but the back-to-basics lineup drew them in. So she calls him two or three more times in front of me to nail down the plans. “The two people in my life are like these people that are everywhere. Hole is/was a band started in 1989 by Courtney Love and Eric Erlandson and have released four albums. Hole provide a definitive answer in this year’s Lollapalooza program book. The hole is currently toggling through phases of growth and diminishment, but it has been stabilizing over the past few days. Love’s vividly scabrous lyrical tone — part self-immolation, part outwardly directed paroxysm — was well established, and beneath the cruddy goth-punk caterwauling there were hints of New Wave sense and songcraft sensibility. [30] In a write-up by the Los Angeles Times on the band's final show of the tour, it was noted that Love smashed the headstock of her Rickenbacker guitar onstage. — the paparazzi are already about. To do that, you'll need to know your scores from at least your last five rounds. I can’t help wondering what he’s after. Two: ‘Do you play with a pick?’ Yes. Rocketsled. "[1][13] Love also acknowledged the "obvious" genital reference in the band's name, alluding to the vagina.[1]. Nobody else is writing those lyrics and nobody ever has. [8][9] Erlandson, a Los Angeles native and a graduate of Loyola Marymount University, was working as a royalties manager for Capitol Records at the time he met Love. They were also commercially successful, selling over three million records in the United States alone, and had a far-reaching influence on contemporary female artists. I felt safe in my band to come out as a gay woman. [93] The appearance was the first time in thirteen years that all four members appeared together in public. “I don’t want you to think I’m a diva,” Love says. “I’m used to it by now,” Schemel says. Send us a tip using our anonymous form. "[83], Hole launched a new website and various social media pages on January 1, 2010, and performed on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross in February. The trio posted fliers aroun… Courtney Love's unit lifted itself out from under a gargantuan shadow with deft songwriting and an ever-morphing modern rock underpinning. Some people may also need to avoid it due to allergies, intolerance or other milk sensitivities. [113], Throughout Hole's career, Love's lyrics were often influenced by literature: The title of the band's second album Live Through This, for example (as well as lyrics from the track "Asking for It") is directly drawn from Gone With the Wind;[127] and the group's single "Celebrity Skin" (the title track to their 1998 album), contains quotes from Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice[128] and Dante Rossetti's poem A Superscription. THE OLD GODS RETURN One-night only, Saturday, January 21, 2017: Higher Ground, South Burlington, VT. A reunion of the original lineup of Rocketsled. Pfaff's life is, according to Pfaff's brother, the subject of an upcoming book by British authors Sara Hawys Roberts and Guy Mankowski, who he's collaborating with. Sure, lead singer/guitarist Courtney Love has had some problems, but what is she trying to prove? This is probably what sealed her fate, at least from Love’s point of view. It had several different bassists and drummers, the most prolific being drummer Patty Schemel, and bassists Kristen Pfaff (d. 1994) and Melissa Auf der Maur. [121], In a 1991 interview, Love stated that lyrics were "the most important" element of songwriting for her. Hole’s guitarist and co-founder was vacationing with his girlfriend, Drew Barrymore, and thus deliberately out of the loop. The only genuine Rock City scenester in Hole, Schemel ran with such nascent luminaries as Sub Pop honcho Bruce Pavitt, checking out the pre-grunge scene and forming a band called Sybil with her younger brother. In the months preceding the band's full formation, Love and Erlandson would write and record in the evenings at a rehearsal space in Hollywood, loaned to them by the Red Hot Chili Peppers;[14] during the day, Love worked as a stripper to support the band and purchase amplifiers and their backline for live shows. [27] After Schemel's departure, the band hired drummer Samantha Maloney for their upcoming tours and music videos. Were they planning a pseudo-orchestrated demonstration of band democracy? At long last I’ve been granted my audience with Love, and I’ve made the innocent mistake of uttering the words Vanity Fair. At the same time Hole released perhaps their most commercial album, “Celebrity Skin”, in 1998. Love sleeps the whole way to Coney Island, in New York, in the front seat of the van. But if a black hole instead turns into a white hole, then “all the information is recovered,” says Haggard. A TV with a bullet hole is one of the items on display in a new $45 million entertainment complex that opened Thursday across the street from the singer’s longtime home, Graceland. I thought that was really cool.”, “That’s a thing to like, I guess,” Auf der Maur deadpans. In a new rock documentary out now "Hit So Hard," she and her former bandmates tell the story of her years as the drummer of the alternative rock group Hole … [57][117] The group's 2010 release, Nobody's Daughter, featured a more folk rock-oriented sound, utilizing acoustic guitar and softer melodies. (Yeah, that’s three halves, but who says Love adds up?) Influenced by Los Angeles' punk rock scene, the band's debut album, Pretty on the Inside (1991), was produced by Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth, and attracted critical interest from British and American alternative press. [57] Recorded over a ten-month period, Hole's third studio album, Celebrity Skin (1998), adopted a complete new sound for the band, incorporating elements of power pop, and had Love drawing influences from Fleetwood Mac and My Bloody Valentine. But Love’s not your average lead singer. “Punk rock was a good place to go where there were other people who felt like me.”. Hole provide a definitive answer in this year’s Lollapalooza program book. 7) Mendini Closed Hole C Flute with Stand 1 Year Warranty. In a 1992 interview with Vanity Fair, Love described Madonna's interest as "kind of like Dracula's interest in his latest victim. After nine months of touring, he was on a much-needed break, his last before the summerlong playground of Lollapalooza. I think the high A can be a bit over bearing if you don’t have a little crow in it. Di Nora, A. Record Roundtable Hosted by Jared, Dax, Tyler, and Caleb. Schemel took up the drums when she was 11 “because it was something girls didn’t do,” she says, and to this day her mother still complains that Schemel doesn’t project enough good cheer when she plays. It’s kind of like four gorillas saying, “Hey, we’re just an ordinary quartet of gorillas. In the next couple of weeks, the nonexistent couple gets items in USA Today, the New York Post and People. Isole falls into this pattern as well. [112] The band's first album, Pretty on the Inside, was heavily influenced by noise and punk rock, using discordant melodies, distortion, and feedback, with Love's vocals ranging from whispers to guttural screams. Hole signed to Geffen's subsidiary DGC label with an eight-album contract in late 1992. According to disc jockey Rodney Bingenheimer, Love would often approach him at a Denny's on Sunset Blvd. Some of the moshing, screaming fans might respond most strongly to Love’s antics, but many others are rapt, coiled and reverent, feeding off the music’s introversion and aggression simultaneously. But no one would be able to pick out mug shots of Erlandson, drummer Patty Schemel or bassist Melissa Auf der Maur, let alone figure out what “Hole” is. A good golf score is a maximum of 108 strokes, while a bad score is considered to be 120 strokes or higher. Love walks through the hotel lobby, spraying herself with perfume, and is immediately confronted by two fans. When Schemel is done eating, New York’s new anti-smoking law forces her to step outside. With Shia LaBeouf, Sigourney Weaver, Jon Voight, Tim Blake Nelson. There were many false starts, but what basically kept them together was a love of god-awful clattering. The group's third album, Celebrity Skin, incorporated power pop into their hard rock sound, and was heavily inspired by California bands; Love was also influenced by Fleetwood Mac and My Bloody Valentine while writing the album. [87] Love's voice, which had become noticeably raspier (likely due to years of scream-singing, drug abuse, and smoking) was compared to the likes of Bob Dylan. “Flashback, I’m 11 again, playing the school recital. The Antarctic ozone hole hit its smallest annual peak on record since tracking began in 1982, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and NASA announced Monday. But at least she remembers, and that means something in itself." ), “Rock is really about dick and testosterone,” Love says.

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